Babysense 7 - Breathing Movement Baby Monitor

  • €114,99


Babies have enough to cry about. Don’t make them sleep with a wearable that’s bound to annoy or fall off. Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Baby Monitor is entirely contactless and hides connecting wires, eliminating the need for wearables and the risk of entanglement. The only thing that should have direct contact with your baby is you!


✓ Totally Safe - This top-rated, totally safe baby monitor emits no radiation of any kind that could harm your baby, unlike other breathing movement devices on the market.
✓ Hack-Proof Technology - Babysense 7’s is hack-proof as it does not connect to internet or Wi-Fi, providing unparalleled stability and safety. 
 Maximum Accuracy - The two-pad system even grows with your baby! Use one pad with a newborn and extend to both pads once your baby begins moving. No matter where her favorite sleeping spot is, Babysense 7 is keeping her safe.
 Safe Installation - Babysense 7 features hidden connecting wires, eliminating the risk of entanglement.


• The sensor pads require a hard/rigid surface to ensure proper contact with the mattress and detect all micro-movements (breathing sleep movements). If your crib/bed has a soft or spring base, simply place a wooden board (plywood) under the sensor pad(s). 
• Do not use Babysense with a memory foam mattress or co-sleeper crib types (connected to the parent’s bed).
• If you have twins (or more!), you’ll need one Babysense 7 system per baby, per crib.
• The #1 rated, original non-contact movement baby monitor keeps millions of babies safe worldwide, so you can trust Babysense 7.


Control Unit monitors baby's breathing signals tracked by the sensor pads and keeps you notified with audible & visual alerts
2x Sensor Pads ensure full bed coverage, even when your baby begins to crawl/roll around
Control Unit Holder fits securely on the crib, ensuring safe installation
Hanging Hook provides more installation options in non-standard conditions
User Manual to learn and enjoy the full potential of Babysense 7