Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor - Babysense
Babysense 7 - Safe Sleep Breathing Baby Monitor
Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor - Babysense
Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor - Babysense

Babysense 7 - Safe Sleep Breathing Baby Monitor

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  • Non-contact & Non-Wearable
  • One Button Activation
  • Maximum Monitoring Accuracy
  • Safe, Hassle-Free Installation
  • Battery Opereated
  • Hack-Proof: No WiFi or Internet connection

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Non-contact & Non-Wearable Monitoring

Totally safe under-the-mattress monitoring keeps your baby free from uncomfortable wearable gadgets & wires

Safe, Hassle-Free Installation

Under-the mattress set-up features hidden connecting wires, eliminating the risk of entanglement making setup a breeze


Try any of our Babysense Monitors for 30 nights risk-free to decide if it's right for you and your baby

We offer free EU shipping and returns. If you aren’t happy, simply return at our expense for a full refund

Why Babysense 7

Babysense 7 comes standard with two movement sensor pads, ensuring full crib coverage. ​
The sensor pads constantly monitor your baby’s movements through the mattress and alert you if your baby's movements stop or become irregularly slow.


Additional Features

Battery Operated

No Wi-Fi or internet connection required, making this monitor hack-proof and stable


Instead of having to check multiple times through the night if your baby is ok and moving, you could use a breathing monitor for additional peace of mind. Breathing monitors use special sensors to track a baby’s movement while they’re sleeping and alert you if breathing stops or becomes irregularly slow, giving you critical time to react and intervene. A reliable monitor can ease your anxiety.

With an under-the-mattress monitor there is nothing to annoy or fall off your baby, and there are no cords or extra gadgets touching your baby or causing any irritation. The passive sensor system is totally safe and has no direct contact with the baby. The monitoring will take place irrespective of the baby needing to wear certain clothing or only when a camera isset-up and mounted in a specific way. Unlike wearable monitors, this option works well even after your baby is mobile.

Our under-the-mattress breathing monitor operates on regular AA batteries, so there are no dangerous power cords. Italso features a “Hidden Cable Installation” concept to keep the cords out of sight and reach. The passive sensor system istotally safe, emits no radiation and has no direct contact with the baby.

The 2 highly sensitive under-the-mattress movement sensor pads were specifically designed to monitor and detect yourbaby’s tiny movements, through the mattress, as they sleep. If even the slightest pause in movement is detected bythe sensor pads within 20 seconds,you’llimmediately be alerted via an alarm (visual and auditory) on the dedicated controlunit.

The monitor is straightforward with a simple one-time installation, one-button activation and is battery operated.​

The under-the-mattress non-contact movement monitor is easier in the long run than a wearable because there is nothing to attach to a squirming baby.

If you feel the Babysense is not right for you and your baby, no problem, we'll assist you with the return using our 30-day, 100% money back guarantee return policy.

- Our breathing monitors come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty .
- We offer email support to answer any questions you may have.
- If you feel the monitor isn't right for you, we have a 30-day money back guarantee return policy.

We are always available for our customers. Please contact us directly by sending an email to and we will be happy to assist​.

Movement Rate

Alerts if Movement

Bed Coverage

No Wifi or App Needed

Additional Features

Control Unit monitors baby's breathing micro-movements tracked by the sensor pads and keeps you notified with audible & visual alerts
2x Sensor Pads ensure full bed coverage, even when your baby begins to crawl/roll around
Control Unit Holder fits securely on the crib, ensuring safe installation
Hanging Hook provides more installation options in non-standard conditions
User Manual to learn and enjoy the full potential of Babysense 7

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