Who We Are

Babysense is much more than a technology company. We’re a brand devoted to delivering true peace of mind to families worldwide. We’re a team of experts passionate about protecting babies, supporting parents, and making a positive impact. We’re driven to make life easier and safer for all families.

What We Are

Today, Babysense remains a family owned, multinational company providing best-in-class baby security products to 30+ countries. Founded in Israel in 1991, our products are manufactured here and in China at medical grade factories. We adhere to the highest international quality production standards and are trusted by thousands of hospitals. Babysense proudly holds medical certifications in Europe, Japan, Australia and Israel. 

Our Vision

Global presence for protection of your loved-ones

Babysense is a multinational company operating in more than 30 countries. We are continuously expanding our global reach to benefit millions of consumers.  Our products are among the Top 20 on Amazon across three continents.

The Story Behind Babysense

Over 30 years ago, two engineer friends learned about the dangers that infants face on a daily basis. Thousands of babies die each year from unpredicted hazards like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or other accidental deaths.

Vital sign trackers were the only way to effectively monitor infants, but at the time, they were extremely expensive and difficult to use. This problem inspired these friends to design the world’s first non-touch movement monitor in 1991. That same year, Babysense was born.

Babysense founders continued innovating new technologies to meet the growing, modern demands of parenting. This led to Babysense Video Monitors and their countless features that make our models some of the best on the market.
As the parenting landscape evolves, so do our products.

Babysense puts the well-being of our customers above our profits. We maintain the highest quality standards derived from a clear commitment from Babysense’s management and employees to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

That’s why we’re trusted by millions of homes and hospitals in over 30 countries.
But don’t just take our word for it since thousands of testimonials share the true story behind Babysense: happy parents and safe babies.

Our Values

We are here to celebrate the joyous moments and understand the imperfect ones.

Babysense At a Glance

How we got our start

It all started back in 1991 when 2 friends, who just happened to be engineers, applied their minds and invented their breakthrough technology. This gave birth to the world's first non-touch movement monitor, well known as “Babysense”.