10 Reasons You Need a Baby Video Monitor

10 Reasons You Need a Baby Video Monitor

You can’t put a price tag on the sheer calmness of mind when your baby is sleeping. As parents, we strive to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our children. 

You can’t put a price tag on the sheer calmness of mind when your baby is sleeping. As parents, we strive to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our children. Parenting a newborn comes with a lot of stress, and having a top-notch baby monitor can help put you at ease. A baby monitor is an essential tool for the well-being of your child. It provides your baby with necessary security, and you the comfort, and peace of mind. Video monitors have become the preferred choice by most parents, because of added on-screen information and its functionality, it benefits parents in numerous ways. 

Babysense is always committed to helping you make safe choices for your family. Having a baby is an exciting time for any new family. Your newest addition can also come with new worries and concerns. You’ll probably start feeling like you want more eyes (and ears) on your baby to see that they are safe and secure at every moment.  A baby monitor should add value to your life, and when you find the right one you will be thankful for it. Check out these top ten important reasons why you need a baby video monitor. 

Live video of your baby

    A baby video monitor is an extraordinary safety tool for your baby’s nursery. Without it, parents wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on their baby and his/her movements without being physically present. Having a live video feed is an added source of peace of mind and confidence that gives parents the sense of being able to be in “two places at once.” Rather than frequently going to the nursery to make sure your baby’s okay, a video monitor allows parents to match both sound and sight together to know they’re okay just by looking at the monitor screen. 

    For the ultimate peace of mind, parents opt for a bundle pack including a video and movement/breathing monitor - like Babysense’s 2in1 Bundle Pack - which provides that extra level of security new parents need.  Having cameras in your baby’s room lets you know exactly what’s going on in real-time, while motion sensors provide the reassurance we sometimes need as parents. 

    Ensures extra safety and security 

      Babysense is considered a vital measure of protection for your baby, and because we know how important it is to be able to watch your child and track their movement, we’ve created the most reliable motion and breathing monitors out there. For instance,  Babysense 7 provides two highly sensitive sensor pads that go under the crib mattress and detect even the slightest movement, like breathing. 

      If your baby’s movement stops for longer than 20 seconds, or if breath rates decrease to less than 10 breaths per minute, a red LED light will shine and an alarm will sound immediately. Sensor pads continue to be the preferred method to monitor the baby’s movement, as opposed to wearable monitors, which tend to cause false alarms as it’ relies on a stationary baby. As your baby becomes mobile, there’s a chance of the wearable monitor falling off or moving around. For this reason, sensor pads have fewer false alarms as they are secure in place under the mattress. 

      Much needed sleep for parents 

        video monitor comes with the freedom to sleep more without having to constantly keep an eye on the baby. Parents to newborns know that a good night’s sleep is as rare as it is invaluable, and with extra of it, they’ll feel replenished and ready to conquer the day.

        It is crucial that you, as parents, get enough sleep. You want to be the best version of yourself for your baby, and that requires you to be well-rested. A video monitor stops parents from getting up in the middle of the night to check on their baby, or even to check on their crying baby, as they can watch from their monitor if their baby will fall back asleep on their own.  

        Now, if you’re a deep sleeper, a baby video monitor is just what you need to ensure you hear and see all your baby’s sounds from the comfort of your bed, most likely with one eye cracked open. 

        Your alone time 

          As much as you love your baby and want to be with them around the clock, sometimes that’s just not possible. What happens when your baby falls asleep and you want some alone time? Not to mention, you most likely have other duties to tend to around the house or at work, and having your baby by your side makes these tasks almost impossible to complete. It’s nice to have a baby video monitor you can count on to provide a live feed, wherever you might be in the house. Whether they’re playing or sleeping, having a reliable picture of what’s going on while you take care of business is a great convenience. 

          Grows with baby 

            A baby video monitor has more capabilities than just watching your sleeping baby. As your child grows, you can use your monitor for different purposes. Whether it be giving your child alone time or transitioning them to a bigger bed, you’ll be able to use your monitor system to watch them from a distance. 

            Most modern video monitors have a two-way talk feature, which acts as a walkie talkie. If your child is being too loud or for any other reason you may want to contact them, you can easily do so via this function. 

            Babysense’s 2in1 video and movement monitor is a jack of all trades with features that you can use as your needs change when your child grows and develops. The monitor itself offers all sorts of amazing features like two-way talk, a pan-tilt-zoom HD camera, night vision, and a long-range - all of which are super helpful for when your baby turns into a toddler and you rely on the baby video monitor for different things.

            Checking on baby’s position 

              With a video monitor, you’ll be able to see if your baby is standing, sitting, or laying down without having to enter the nursery. Some parents believe in self-soothing, so being able to watch as your baby soothes himself back to sleep without parent intervention can be very beneficial. 

              As your baby grows, they learn to pull themselves up and sit up, which means they’ll experience their fair share of falling. Parents can prevent these common injuries by monitoring them and being able to know immediately if an injury did occur.

              Tracks baby’s sleep 

                Keeping track of naps, nighttime sleep, and in-betweens can help construct a consistent sleep schedule. Since most, if not all, babies wake up during the night, baby video monitors can certainly help let you watch your baby in between sleep cycles and to see if they’ll fall back asleep on their own, or if they may need something from you. Most importantly, if your child is self-soothing and falling back asleep, then the video monitor can help prevent you from walking into the room and disrupting your baby’s normal sleep cycle. 

                With an audio baby monitor, parents won’t know if they’re baby is tossing and turning and restless. With a video monitor, you’ll be able to see if your baby is just restless or needs to be held. Doctors advise that babies between the ages of 1 and 3 require 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day, while babies under the age of 1 need even more sleep.

                A video monitor is essential in making sure your baby is well-rested and has a normal sleep cycle. This allows parents to follow the baby’s sleeping patterns and make sure they’re getting enough sleep, and if not, they can detect the reason behind it and consult with their doctor for a solution.  

                Less stress and greater peace of mind

                  Raising a child can undoubtedly be quite stressful. Most parents feel a certain level of anxiety when they can’t see or hear their baby.  A video monitor can help reduce the stress associated with being apart from your baby by showing you everything you need in one glance.

                  Another advantage of a baby video monitor is being able to use it as a nanny cam. This helps give you peace of mind by allowing you to keep a close eye on your child and their caretaker when you’re away. Babysense’s video monitor allows you to check-in remotely to see that your baby is safe and your household is running smoothly. 

                  Monitors temperature 

                    Why is it important to monitor the climate in your baby’s room? Young children and babies are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. Babysense’s video monitors include a temperature sensor that shows the rooms’ temperature on-screen. This feature gives parents the power to control the nursery’s climate, and make sure the thermostat is functioning properly. Parents attest to this feature being critical in making sure your baby isn’t overheating and is comfortable while asleep. 

                    Night vision 

                      Day or night, you expect your video monitor to relay a crystal clear view of your baby. Babysense’s sharp infrared night vision automatically detects dim light and allows you to keep an eye on baby all night. This feature helps you have a better night’s sleep, as you won’t have to turn on the lights or get out of bed to know what baby is up to. 

                      Babysense is here for you

                      Your baby video monitor isn’t just for the cute baby footage, but for the remarkable features that come with it. It’s a simple way to help you, and your baby, feel comfortable day and night. You may not be able to have eyes on your baby at every moment of the day, but with a Babysense video monitor, you can feel like you do.

                      Babysense’s commitment is to support parents in our communities to feel at ease when bringing their babies home. We are determined to help keep every baby safe at home, as we know this is every parent’s top priority. If you’re interested in learning about our different products or to purchase  Babysense offers our 2in1 Bundle Pack, click here.